Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fabulous Breakfast Casserole

This is a GREAT recipe for Christmas morning, but it's good all year long!

Ham & Egg Casserole

3 cups shredded cheddar cheese
8 oz cooked ham….strips (deli)
1 ¾ cup milk
8 eggs beaten
3 cups mozzarella cheese
¼ cup melted margarine
½ cup flour
2 Tbs. fresh parsley

Heat oven to 350 degrees.
In large bowl, lightly toss the cheeses together. Sprinkle half the cheese in 13x9 baking dish. Arrange ham strips over the layer of cheese. Sprinkle remaining cheese over ham.
Lightly spoon flour into measuring cup….level off. Using wire wisk, blend flour, milk, parsley and eggs. Pour over layers in baking dish.
Bake 35-40 minutes.



tg1234 said...

Oh that sounds really good. I don't enjoy cereal for breakfast so I will need to try this. Thanks, tiana

Lisa said...

This is great for my family...we just reheat it in the microwave right before work and school! we finaly have time for a decent breakfast. It's delicious!

Brilliantly Bridge said...

Yes I had it at the birthday breakfast and I keep going back for more.