Wednesday, October 24, 2007

All My Favorites

OK, here is a quick meal idea for those nights that you need something fast and it is actually quite good. It is a copy of the KFC "All My Favorites" dish (Is that it's name?). I got the idea from Erica Orosz and have used it several times.


Instant Potatoes
Frozen Popcorn Chicken
Gravy (I like the McCormick packets)

Cook according to the individual directions and layer!



heather said...

THIS sounds like my kind of meal (fast,with less than 7 ingredients!)
Thanks Laura.

ALSO...I like "enjoy good food" and "rockin' recipes" is cute too.
What about

"Mom's Kitchen" or
"Time for Dinner!" or
"Taste This!" or
"Happy Eating" or

:) It really doesn't matter to me. And I'm voting twice. -Is that allowed?

heather said...

No. It isn't allowed. :(

Laura & Jimmy said...

Those names are so cute!! Yes, you can vote as many times as you like. (well...not on the same one......)

.... oh, when I set the poll it said you could, try again.